EiKO SIG Stadium Light Accessories

    Our SIG Stadium Light Accessories include a visor and mounting options including surface mount, slipfitter, and yoke. Polycarbonate lenses and aluminum reflectors also available.

    SIG/AL100D12359Signal Reflector 100°
    SIG/Y12360Signal Yoke Mounting Bracket
    SIG/SF12361Signal Slipfitter for up to 2 3/8″ Pipe
    SIG/SM12362Signal Surface Mount
    SIG-LENS-PC30D10188Signal Lens, 30°
    SIG-LENS-PC60D10189Signal Lens, 60°
    SIG-VISOR-BK10185Signal Visor, Black
    SIG-REFLECTOR-AL90D10190Signal Refelctor, Aluminum, 90 Degree