EiKO LED T8 Tubes (4’ / Type B / Dimmable / PET Coating / 14.5W)

These LED T8 Replacement Lamps directly replace fluorescent T8 lamps at a fraction of the energy cost. Being Triac dimmable, they offer additional controllability for improved energy savings and are less susceptible to damage due to their PET coating.


LED14.5WT8/48/835-DT-PET-G9D111114’14.5W1,9003500K120VFrostedType B (Line Voltage/Ballast Bypass)DLC
LED14.5WT8/48/840-DT-PET-G9D111124’14.5W1,9004000K120VFrostedType B (Line Voltage/Ballast Bypass)DLC
LED14.5WT8/48/850-DT-PET-G9D111134’14.5W1,9005000K120VFrostedType B (Line Voltage/Ballast Bypass)DLC