EiKO LED T5 Glass Tubes (3’ / Bypass/Line Voltage / 18W)

LED T5 Type B Ballast Bypass/Line Voltage Replacement Lamps directly replace 3’ fluorescent T5 lamps at a fraction of the energy cost. A compact driver design means uniform light output with no dark spots across the entire lamp.


LED18WT5HO/34/835-G9D120743’18W2,4003500K120-277VGlassType BNSF
LED18WT5HO/34/840-G9D120753’18W2,6004000K120-277VGlassType BNSF
LED18WT5HO/34/850-G9D120763’18W2,6005000K120-277VGlassType BNSF