EiKO CWS Architectural Cylinder Wall Sconce with Photocell

    The CWS is an architectural cylinder wall sconce fixture with an integrated photocell. It is ideal for a variety of residential, hospitality, multifamily, or retail applications.

    CWSWP61-162-18W-830-U-PH-BK11408120-277V6”; 1 Light18W1,6203000KBlack
    CWSWP61-162-18W-830-U-PH-BZ11409120-277V6”; 1 Light18W1,6203000KBronze
    CWSWP62-324-36W-830-U-PH-BK11417120-277V6”; 2 Lights18W/18W*1,620/1,620*3000KBlack
    CWSWP62-324-36W-830-U-PH-BZ11418120-277V6”; 2 Lights18W/18W*1,620/1,620*3000KBronze

    *Watt and Lumen values are per light; two values are shown for two-light arrays