Coming in 2018: Premise LED Showcases Products in Virtual Reality

Premise LED Cardboard VR Goggles

Premise LED Cardboard VR Goggles

–Introducing Premise LED’s Virtual Reality Goggles (for Upcoming VR Product Tours)–


We recently unveiled our next big sales tool for 2018: showcasing our LED products using virtual reality technology! Our prototype tour was developed with the help of Georgetown Chrysler, who graciously gave us the OK to do the filming at their dealership and Faraday Lighting Company who completed the retrofit.

The purpose of the new VR tool: bring customers to the space they’re thinking to buy LED luminaires for and show them the difference in light output between the existing fixtures and what Premise has to offer. This business is visual, so there’s no better way to show how our products shine than to see the results in a virtual setting before the customer commits to the job.


Our Agents Love VR

Just recently, we held our Annual National Sales Meeting and that’s where we did the big reveal; our Agents loved it and immediately commented how it would be an excellent sales tool to have. We’re listening, and hope to have a whole collection of VR tours available by Spring of 2018. You can read more about why we decided to use VR in this exclusive interview.

Premise LED Agents Exploring the New VR Tool
Premise LED Agents Exploring the New VR Tool

Want to try it out in web view?  GO TO VR TOUR

If you want the full virtual reality experience, you’ll need to make your own VR goggle or order one from us (it’s free)!


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