Is There a Perfect Color Temperature for Lighting Fixtures?

Is There A Perfect CCT For Light Fixtures


What is the best color temperature for a light fixture? This is a common question that is raised whenever we showcase our products. We understand that business owners are always looking for ways to enhance their environment; whether it is for a restaurant looking to create the perfect ambience, a showroom wanting to make its products shine or an office trying to encourage higher productivity from employees, the color temperature of the light fixtures being used is an element that needs to be considered.

But is there a perfect color temperature? Our experience is that it’s all based on preference; but we’ve boiled down the benefits of the most popular correlated color temperatures (CCTs) available so that you can decide for yourself.


At 2700K-3500K, the color temperature is considered “warm”. In this range, there are reddish or yellowish whites that you would typically find in incandescent lamps or those vintage edison-style filament bulbs that are popular today. Warm colors provide the feeling of calm and comfort. This is why fine dining restaurants or hotels often choose warm color temperatures–they want their guests to relax and enjoy the experience when they visit.


3000K In A Restaurant



As CCT goes up, the yellows disappear and colors become more white. At 4000K, the color temperature is referred to as “natural”. 4000K is popular in offices, retail shopping centres, kitchens, laundries and garages because the “natural white” color provides a modern, clean look. Since 4000K is sharper, it is ideal in these applications without appearing too stark.


4000K In Retail



Finally at 5000K, the white starts becoming “more than white” with tinges of blue. Known as “cool”, fixtures emitting this color temperature make colors pop and are ideal for work and task-based lighting applications. You’ll commonly find 5000K fixtures in hospitals and factories where high visual acuity and human alertness is required.


5000K In Hospitals


Which CCT Is For You?

We think the answer is simple: the right color temperature depends on the project. Warmer CCTs lend to creating a certain ambience and is “atmospheric” while a cooler color temperature makes things seem more sharp and creates alertness, making it more “practical”. At Premise, we make it easy for you by offering a complete line of 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K flat panel ceiling lights to help with any project!