IK Ratings: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

You may be aware of the IP Ratings and NEMA Enclosure Type Ratings on LED fixtures, and how they assure the performance and longevity of lighting fixtures from any damage in a wet environment. However, in places like car washes, warehouses, and parking garages, fixtures are subject to regular wear-and-tear including, external impact. This is where IK Rating comes in.

What is IK Rating?

IK Rating is defined as the degree of protection against external mechanical impact. Before the standardization of the IK Ratings, the indicated level of impact protection was often added to the end of an enclosure’s IP Rating (e.g. IP66(9) with 9 representing the impact resistance). This is one of the factors that led to the development of the IK Standard, which uses a two-numeric code that has a specific meaning and indicates the level of protection from mechanical impact. The rating starts from 01 to 10, with a higher number indicating a more robust product that is able to maintain protection at higher impact.

How does IK Rating Work For Light Fixtures?

The IK Rating scale identifies the ability of an enclosure to resist impact energy levels measured in joules (J). This system is developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in 2002 (IEC 62262) and specifies the way fixtures should be mounted when the tests are carried out, the atmospheric conditions that should exist, and the number of impacts and the distribution of the hammer designed to produce the energy levels required.

The table below defines the IK Rating codes and the force of impact that fixtures with each rating can withstand:

 IK RatingImpact Protection Classifications
IK 01Protected against the impact of 0.25kg dropped from 56mm (0.14 joules)
IK 02Protected against the impact of 0.25kg dropped from 80mm (0.2 joules)
IK 03Protected against the impact of 0.25kg dropped from 140mm (0.35 joules)
IK 04Protected against the impact of 0.25kg dropped from 200mm (0.5 joules)
IK 05Protected against the impact of 0.25kg dropped from 280mm (0.7 joules)
IK 06Protected against the impact of 0.25kg dropped from 400mm (1 joules)
IK 07Protected against the impact of 0.5kg dropped from 400mm (2 joules)
IK 08Protected against the impact of 1.7kg dropped from 300mm (5 joules)
IK 09Protected against the impact of 5kg dropped from 200mm (10 joules)
IK 10Protected against the impact of 5kg dropped from 400mm (20 joules)

We’ve created a handy infographic to help you easily visualize IK Ratings and their  degrees of protection:

IK Ratings Explanation Table

Our New Vapor Proof Fixtures

Our newest offering of Vapor Proof Linear Fixtures and Vapor Proof Linear High Bays go beyond providing protection from moisture and dusty environments: they’re IK10 Rated too, which means they can withstand 20 joules of impact (equivalent to the impact of 5kg object dropped at 400mm). This means they can be protected in situations such as accidental impact from turning forklifts or improperly stacked skids.

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