How Do Lighting Layouts Help You Win More Projects?

How Do Lighting Layouts Help You Win More Projects?


Let’s face it. Not every distributor, energy service company or electrical contractor has a Lighting Designer on their team to support them with lighting layouts for potential projects. But when you aren’t able to submit a Lighting Layout along with your proposal, how many opportunities are you missing out on?


What’s In A Lighting Layout?

A Lighting Layout provides engineers and specifiers with specific information about the light fixtures you are recommending for a project. When it comes to light fixtures, each model has unique photometric specifications. Luminaire lumens, beam angle, spacing, and mounting height all contribute to your fixture’s performance after they are installed in a space. That’s why a Lighting Designer will import your recommended model’s photometric data file (IES file) into a lighting design simulation tool such as AGi32 to enable the accurate calculation of light for each unique application in your project site. By simulating the exact positioning and light output of the fixtures you have specced for the job, a Lighting Layout will help answer these popular questions:

  • What light levels will the proposed fixtures deliver? If they are replacing old fixtures, will they match or better the existing levels?
  • Can I reduce the number of fixtures to be used, while still maintaining the required light levels?
  • How uniform will the light levels be in my space?
  • Are the fixtures in the right place? Are they too close or too far apart?
  • What will be the difference in output and coverage if I hang the fixtures at a different height?



Lighting—It’s a Science!

The science behind lighting is just too complex to guess. A Lighting Layout gives you a way to prove that your recommendations will provide the right light, all while saving energy and money for your client. Every detail including foot candle levels, light power density, and reflectance are factored in the layout so that you can be assured that the end user (who really judges the success of your work) is happy. That’s why having a Lighting Layout in every project proposal you submit is a crucial piece to increasing your success rate of closing that job.


Remember, Lighting Layouts Add to Your Bottom Line By:

  • Providing the best visual outcomes beforehand
  • Supporting your product solution scientifically
  • Positioning you as a lighting specialist
  • Promoting the customer’s confidence in you
  • Speeding up your sales cycle
  • Guaranteeing that results from your proposal meets your client’s needs
  • Increasing your sales and referrals


With the right experience and tools, you can create Lighting Layouts that take the guesswork out of the lighting requirements for every project. This gives both you and your customer the confidence in the fixtures you have specified.

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